Punta del Este – Windows

Hi All! The ones of you that are following this blog since a while,, already know that I am passionated by windows.

Recently a dear friend of mine told me that she sees her problems in life as the windows of a big building.

She struggles to close them but most of her issues are difficult to sort out so she uses to imagibe a big building facade with lots of open windows.

I liked the image.

And here is the reason why I was complaining about globalization and massification in Punta del Este.

It has been hard to find some personality but I don’t attribute the fault to the locals!

7 thoughts on “Punta del Este – Windows

    1. That’s a very good question. I like to think that we see through windows but not the opposite! Go figure how people perceive reality! And should I use ir as a metaphor for problems I would rather say that the windows are opened when the issues are fixed!

  1. So interesting, now I will be observing windows and doors. When I was a child in South America, we had one window like the #4, the wooden one, that room was so dark when that window was closed at nights.

    1. How cool, where about have you lived in South America? I know that most of the countries there have a bad economic situation and they are struggling with criminality but they are beautiful coubtrues

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