Punta del Este – Waves

Punta del Este is famous for this sculpture but also a massive tourism of wealthy American tourists.

They are investing a lot in this area, I would say that it is becoming another version of Montecarlo.

I didn’t care at all for the fancy towers, resorts and luxury malls but, once again, the valuable factor here is the sea!

While I was waiting to take pictures ot the hand sculpture I relaxed on the beach.

Yes, some of you might think that these shots are pretty repetitive and maybe they are.

They were lots more, I only saved these because they have an hypnotic effect on me, the continuous movement of the sea, the ever changing status quo of life…

I don’t know why but I find it reassuring.

I am not scared of changes, I am scared of stasis.

But everything disappear in front of the sea.

You can get there very quickly from Punta Ballena and consider roughly 2 hours for Montevideo.

10 thoughts on “Punta del Este – Waves

  1. I understand why you would dislike the luxury hotels because when I travel somewhere I want to enjoy the culture and learn something. In those luxury hotels or at least some of them the customers try to live like they do at home. I never understand why people will travel somewhere and insist on eating food or drinking the same as they do at home. Thanks for the map my friend.

    1. You’re very welcome and many thanks to you, it was a good tip the one of the msps. I will put them everywhere! ☺️ The odd things is that I am working inbluxury hospitality but here they are ruining the landscape. You don’t go to South America to see a bad copy of an American colony. You go there to enjoy the colors, the sounds and flavors of a small and happy country. On the other side I also understand that tgey are bringing money and undoubtedly helping the local economy but I fell like this place is losing its identity and it was a pity (imho)

  2. Your comment about not being afraid of change reminded of a quote by Louisa M. Alcott – I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.

    1. I did not know it but I like it ☺️I am not always ready for storms to tell you the truth but it’s true that when you leave a safe port it is wise to expect them. The fact is that I have learned a lot from my changes and even if sometimes I had to face some storm, I am still alive, stronger and more conscious of my potential and limits. We learn stuff about ourselves exploring the world and testing ourselves, we grow. For this reason it is something I am not afraid of ☺️

    1. Thank you M B. Henry ☺️ this world is suffering of globalization while I think that saving the local personality would have been a plus for this place

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