Casa Pueblo – Designs (Part 1)

Image taken from Casa Pueblo Hotel website

Image taken from Casa Pueblo Hotel website

Let me introduce you to Casa Pueblo, a hotel but also a museum, located in Punta Ballena, Uruguay.

This place has meant a lot to me, it has been just like coming back home despite the fact I was not from there!

It reminded me a lot of things and somehow I thibk this is the beauty of art.

It talks to you and reach out to you, beyond rationality.

There is no reason, it is like this and the mere effort to explain it would be vain.

These drawings reminded me of a person I loved a lot, the sea, the air…

And the genius of its author, Carlos Páez Vilaró.

It has been an amazing day. I will show you more pictures in the next days.

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  1. Lovely pictures! This new year’s wish comes with an appreciation for all you do, for your thoughtfulness and unselfish ways, for your post that you give us every day. Happy New Year!

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