Costa de Oro

Montevideo is a lovely city but I came here with the intent to visit Casa Pueblo.

2 years ago I met a travel agent who showed me some pictures of it.

At that time it looked so distant but you can never know what life reserves you.

Before reaching Punta Ballena, where Casa Pueblo is located, you have to cross the Golden Coast, Costa de Oro.

Here you have some shots of this beautiful part of the world.

To get there I booked a guided tour that unfortunately didn’t stop every where but in Piriapolis.

I took a note for the next time, that is Punta Fría, Punta Colorada and Bahía del Corazón.

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    1. I would reply yes to this question but maybe it is also due to the fact that I have visited it in November, that, as far as I knoe, was still not the very high season.

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