Buenos Aires – Montevideo (by ferry)



Maybe I should have started from this post but when?



Who can really say where and when this wonderful trip started?



I fisically did it but I couldn’t say it. Maybe in Kosovo, last summer, when I have started gathering information or 20 years ago when with Laura we talked about Argentina, while working at Fiumicino Airport?

Buquebus station

Buquebus station

Do you see, a travel, a period in your life time, how do you establish when it starts and when it’s over?

I am back to the “old continent” but this trip still lasts, all the memories, the laughs, the feelings, the photos that I am still struggling to put in order…

On this archive-blog this matter is even more critical! πŸ˜… For this reason I use tags only for places and titles

Dates? Nope, I just don’t care! I have always had troubles with the calendar that forced me to celebrate, smile or cry even when I was not in the right mood!

Finally breakfast! When I left the hotel in BA it was to early to get one!

Finally breakfast! When I left the hotel in BA it was to early to get one!

So first things first! Finally breakfast!

I had to consider the time for the passport control as well.

It is the first time that I go to another country by boat and I am very excited at the idea of catching a ferry once again!

I cannot even remember last time I did it πŸ€” I think it was last year to go to Ischia.

So, all of a sudden, here we go on board of this amazing ferry that will lead us from Buenos Aires to Montevideo. Early morning, the dawn is just incredible, so beautiful that looks charmy as a sunset!

Every passenger is asked to wear these shoe protections

It seem that the locals refuse to call a ferry a ferry. They call it Buquebus that is the name of the company that provides the service and when on-board they obsessively repeat that this peculiar one is named upon Pope Francisco!

As long as it leaves on time… And yes, at 7.30 we start navigating the river (yes, it looks like a sea but tge water is sweet).

They say Buquebus is the most speed ferry in the world but I have stopped believing this sort of fancy guinness in France where I know for sure everything is exagerated πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜… but tge service is excellent and I consider tge fact that we are in South America.

In only 2 hours you change your horizons and quit a capital to go in another, a country for another!

In only 2 hours you can change a capital for another, a country for another!

As soon as I get off the ferry I jump on a taxi to reach my hotel.

It’s a sunny and fairly warm day, I cannot resist and I fall in love with the city when I am still in the cab, discussing about local politics with the driver! I want to know more about Mujica, that was named the poorest president in the world, in fact he was renowned for being a honest and decent person.

You have to understand my point of view, it is a kind of science fiction for someone coming from Italy!

He is no longer in charge but I really need to know if what I have heard and read about him was right or not!

The driver is very nice and friendly, he answers patiently to all of my questions, while I wonder if it is the first time that a client ask about the political situation of his country instead of directions for his city!

I get off, leave my back bag at the hotel and rush outside to buy another SD card.

I have landed in BA 2 days ago and I have already taken an outrageous amount of photos.

From what I could see, Montevideo is a completely different city but utterly worth a crazy photo shooting… I am realizing that 64 giga for 3 weeks in this part of the world are definitely not enough for meπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‚

Last but not least, the SIN VUELTA marked on my ferry ticket sounded more dramatic in Spanish and I am now considering it more like a missed promise! How I would have stayed!

In the next days you will discover why I made a one way ticket only πŸ˜‰