8 thoughts on “Roscio is sleeping (Part 8)

  1. Had to laugh! One of the vicissitudes of cat blogging is how many photos of sleeping cats one can post before feeling that’s all you post! LOL! I go through the same ordeal with my two Persian kitty boys. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed your post today. Wishing you the best for the holidays and may 2020 be your best year ever! (I recently decided I would try the kitty approach to tlife and take a nap when I felt tired. It’s not a bad thing to do!)

    1. You are right, they sleep a lot and we love for that as well! Unfortunately I no longer have a cat and I miss it a lot. These are so e pictures that a friend of mine shared with me and I find them so peaceful that I wanted to share them with you all. ☺️

      1. Yes, they are that! I came to the world of cats after I retired. Til;l then, I liked cats but had zero idea what it was like to live with one, let alone two. It’s been an adventure. SOmetimes I feel like a cat Jane Goodall, so many of their behaviors are new to me even all these years later. I fully expect to discover they use tools to get food one day. LOL!

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