0 thoughts on “Rome – Birds on statues

    1. Yes, it is been a while now, the sea is only 30 km away and year after year they have approched to the center. It seems they are quite lazy so they have found more convenient picking up food waste from the trash bins

        1. They move… It seems also that the Mediterrean is becoming warmer and warmer so we have new species and other that are extinguishing. Everything is upside down!

  1. I love gulls. Humans have taken so much fish from the gulls’ natural habitats that it is hardly surprising the birds now feed off our food waste and rubbish, being the messy, wasteful species that we are.
    I put leftover bread(moistened) on my garage roof and within 2 minutes there are at least 9 gulls squabbling over it. It is though a shame that many humans criticize the birds for scavenging food when we have given them little choice but to do so.

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