Montevideo – Street Art (Part 4)

Still a colorful tour in this city full of surprises…

As an Italian and as a resistant to the hits of life I have appreciated the wall here below.

This city is full of engaged people, activists and as far as I could see it is a vibrant city that keeps part to its political life and does not limit itself in a spectator role.

I have loved the messages between the lines of writings and painting on the walls.

Montevideo has a huge soul and civic participation, and like it or not, it is more than we could say about lots of other places in kite civilized countries.

It stole my heart and I cannot wait to come back and spend more time there.

Here above there is a fancy van but I couldn’t resist and included in this post!

0 thoughts on “Montevideo – Street Art (Part 4)

    1. Hi Charlie! No, there is nothing definitive in the tourism business until the very last minute! 😂 I am doing interviews and finishing a lot of burocracy stuff in Italy. I am also waiting for this unbearable rain to stop in order to make some getaways in the South of Italy, that in my humble opinion, is the best part of the country! What about you?

      1. Hi. Oh, my plans seem to change on a daily basis! Hope the interviews are productive for you. Yes, rain here too but we are more used to it in England where incidentally, perhaps you should visit next year! I might finally get to Bologna in 2020.

        1. So far nothing really interesting, I am very busy everyday and in “war machine” mode, that means that I will stop only when I sign a decent contract! Why Bologna? It is not my favorite city but it can be very interesting and they also have excellent food there! I hope you will enjoy it!

          1. Ha yes, keep going until you get a deal that suits you. Bologna for art and architecture, and without the crowds of Rome. Is it Bari from where a ferry can be taken to Vlore in Albania? That also interests me; a world of possibilities without enough time for them all.

          2. As far as I know they leave only from Brindisi, that is more at South than Bari and they are fairly slow. I am not sure that it is the best way to get there. Maybe it is easier to get a flight to Tirana and rent a car there.

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