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  1. Buon giorno e complimenti per il bellissimo articolo sua mia cara citta. Montevideo e comme una donna misteriosa che lascia suo secreti piano, piano, per gli godere piu bene. Un baccione. Ciao!

        1. I definitely recommend you Montevideo and Casa Pueblo then. Punta del Este has been very disappointing to me. Apart the hand statue on the beach I cannot find any other reason to get there. It is well advertised, also on the ferry that gets you there in only 2 hours from Buenos Aires. There are also some minor destinations that you will surely cross in order to get to Punta del Este (from Montevideo) that are Costa de oro, Piria Polis, Punta fría, Punta colorada, Bahía del corazón and Punta Ballena. Personally I have liked the last 4, we did some very quick stops but I think they are worth more time. Should you hire a car you can consider them. I wanted to visit Colonia del Sacramento as well but I had to give it up at the very last minute, due to bad weather conditions. That one is only one hour of ferry from BA. I hlave heard very discordant opinions on that but I think the best is to stick to our criteria and personal tastes. I really hope you can get there and I will be waiting for your photos. In the meantime I will do my best to hurry up screening up mines and publish them! 😉

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