Beechwood of Monte Cimino (Part 1)

This week-end I will propose you a quick gateaway at 70 km away from Rome.

Unfortunately it is not reachable with the public ways of transport.

Should you be in Rome and want to go there you will need a car.

Region: Lazio

Nearest village: Soriano del Cimino

Area of interest: Beechwood of Monte Cimino

Characteristics: Monumental forest, the where big trees carry out their natural life. This means that trees are not entertained and cutted. People are supposed to follow the established paths and not to quit them.

Area: 59 hectares

About the trees: here trees can reach a diameter that goes from 50 to 150 cm (20-59 inches).

The average age for these trees is 140 years, and up to a maximum of 200.

The tallest one is 45 meters (148 feet).

I have found this information on a sign at the entrance of the park.

The only thing that I have to say left is how much I have loved this place!

Respect your world 🌎

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