0 thoughts on “Buenos Aires – Street Art (Part 1)

  1. The Maradona piece in San Telmo is awesome! My favo artwork in this lovely neighborhood. Can’t wait to visit Buenos Aires again (and again). San Telmo have some nice street art pieces, but the best are in Palermo and Almirante brown /Barracas (quite dangerous, so many people told me to leave this areas because for my own good because I look too European:))).

    1. I haven’t visited Barracas, I was already scared in La Boca, not exactly a safe place for a foreigner woman! I was often taken for a local but a woman alone is unfortunately an easy target.
      But I can tell you that I have loved everything of this city and San Telmo is soooo nice! Of course much more touristic and the policemen in literarly every corner were quite reassuring and of course they were also the symptom of a problematic city.

      1. Just the epic touristic center of a boca is ‘ok’, al the rest of the neighborhood is… dangerous. I am ‘never scared’ (or almost:) ) and when people say this… often they are exaggerating but in case of the neighborhoods around La Boca it’s true. They offer the best street art spots what I have seen so far in Buenos Aires. Palermo feels more safe.

        1. Yes, Palermo is a lovely district as well. Consider that being a man with a camera is perceived in a pretty different way than being a woman with a camera! This is way I put everything in my pocket and ran away when I saw the locals staring at me! 😳

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