Buenos Aires – Roofs (Part 1)

Sometimes I think that my fascination for roofs might come from the Mary Poppins movie…

But the truth is I love architecture in all of its shapes and expressions.

I couldn’t do all the pictures I wanted with my mobile, now that I have a camera I am enjoying capturing more details.

Follow me in this journey through the rooftops of this amazing city…

0 thoughts on “Buenos Aires – Roofs (Part 1)

    1. I am glad to hear that, Sheere. The good thing is that with a good zoom we can see details that would not be visible with our bare eyes. More posts on this topic will come 😊💪

      1. Every city has its problems, Flavia.
        Buenos Aires has an apart beauty that differences it from other places, and I love your opinion about it!

        Have a wonderful week ahead!

  1. Resulta sencillamente fascinante, mirar a lo alto y descubrir tanta belleza cubriendo nuestras testas, me llevan a pensar que sólo pensamientos positivos y bellos cobijan tan espectaculares techos, con independencia del uso actual o anterior q tuvieran esos edificios. Felicitaciones

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