0 thoughts on “Roscio is sleeping (Part 6)

  1. Awwwwww!!!
    There is something about the cats when they sleep, their way of being and the sensation they offer.
    I like to think about the cats as beautiful creatures that enrich our lives.

    Have a happy sunday/ caturday 😅🤗

          1. It is actually a he, but eventually got fixed. Now I think of him as a cat, so it could be interpreted as a she :-)).
            Of course I am, trying the best at least.
            Thank you!

      1. Yeah, I am fine now.
        But it is just that I don’t feel like starting this week… got a little bit lazy.

        Take care and have an amazing next week! :-*

          1. Oh, poor Flavia. You must have a lot of courage and determination for that.
            I hope you will be ok and everything will work just fine for you and your family.

            Take care! 🤗😘

          2. Yes, I understand.
            You know that it is recommended to leave our comfort zone in order to evolve and get better.
            I believe in you, dear Flavia, and good things are about to happen in the future.
            Take care!

          3. I have just arrived in Rome, no sleep at all in 13 hours bof flights and all the Argentinians full of energy that spoke out loud on the plain… Aaarrrgghhhh😠I would love to see them all tonight! 😈😈😈I will try to get back some sleep and hopefully the future will look brighter, as you describe it😉💪💪💪lots of kisses

          4. Oh, dear Flavia. I understand you!
            My Monday is a little bit boring :-)) , I just woke up, performed some house chores and I will be at work for 12 hours today.
            If everything will work just fine I should finish at 1 AM in the morning.
            So, fingers crossed! 😀
            Kisses and hugs!

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