Airplanes of the world (Part 1)

I usually enjoy to arrive in advance at the airport.

Alitalia - Fiumicino

Alitalia – Fiumicino

It gives me time to admire the variety of this world, in terms of humankind but also airplanes!

Pegasus - Istanbul

Pegasus – Istanbul

What about you? Are you afraid to fly or do you prefer other ways of transport?

Turkish Airlines - Istanbul

Turkish Airlines – Istanbul

If I could I would travel only by train but in a world that is moving faster and faster we cannot always choose!

Wizz Air - Skopje

Wizz Air – Skopje

Eurowings - Pristina

Eurowings – Pristina

Chair - Pristina

Chair – Pristina

Germanwings - Pristina

Germanwings – Pristina

Aerolíneas Argentinas - Buenos Aires

Aerolíneas Argentinas – Buenos Aires

[Unknown] - Ushuaia

[Unknown] – Ushuaia

China Airlines - Sydney

China Airlines – Sydney

0 thoughts on “Airplanes of the world (Part 1)

  1. I love aeroplanes, we used to live very near Heathrow and when Concorde was still flying hear it blast off at night and see the after burners glowing. Do I like to fly, YES, do I like the airport business of checking in, flights delayed etc – NO.

  2. Nice collection! I have seen some real weird airline names in my time and they are all amusing. However, my only question has always been, “Can they take off and land?” 😉

  3. Hello Flavia, I just commented on your post featuring the Nevada Desert aerial photos and I mentioned I liked flight simulation, well I can identify the aircraft at Ushuaia – it’s a Piper Cherokee 140. It is a popular aircraft used by flying schools, a lot of learner pilots have their first flights in one of these aeroplanes. (Piper aircraft were also manufactured under license by Chncul SACAIFI of San Juan Argentina)

    1. Thank you so much for your comment on and explanation. All of a sudden you make me want to try to flight with one of those! The fascination of flying is still strong in human beings! I had no idea of what it was but I am always happy when I learn something new ☺️ thank you once again

      1. Hello again, you are welcome. I recognised the aeroplane as I have a few on my simulator. There are a few based at my local airport too. I hope one day you get to fly one, I too hope to fly one (for real) one day.

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