Iguazú Falls – Devil’s Throat

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the Devil’s Throat.

This imposing and stunning fall is located in the national park of Iguazú, that is distributed between Brasil and Argentina.

The name Iguazú comes from Guaraní language and means “water”.

No doubt about the motivation after this name!

The Devil’s Throat (Garganta del Diablo) is mainly located on the Brasilian territory and a small part on the Argentinian one.

On the contrary the greatest part of the falls are located on the Argentinian side.

I cannot express how much I have loved this place, there are really no words to express it.

Mother Nature is always amazing… while we, human beings, never lose an occasion to show our idiocy!

The yellow water that you see is not because the water is dirty.

It is because they have took off the trees and now there are no more roots to retain the mud.

As per the locals, the water use to be sparkling clean before.

We could reflect about it…

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        1. I thought to understand that a rainy day is more than enough and consider that here the ground has a very peculiar red color and when it rains is never for a couple of minutes. It seems that Brazilians are fighting against nature since a long time… while it is their greatest resource, in every sense possible (imho)

  1. I can hear its roar, nice pics! When we visited, the Devil’s Throat was closed for renovation, alas – the rest of the falls were okay but not mightily impressive. Crowded with tourists shoving each other to get a clear shot. None of the butterflies or wildlife we had been promised, scared off by the tourists, I imagine!

    1. I suppose it also depends on the period of the year. It is spring now here. By the way I wonder how your guide or agency could promise you something that they cannot guarantee. It is not the first time, it won’t be the last, but as I am working in tourism it always upsets me to hear things like that.

      1. We went there independently. But there was no mention of it upon paying entry and our brand new edition of Lonely Planet didn’t mention it either, though it had been going on for years. (Years!!!) We were there late November 2014.
        Ps. I worked in tourism too, 2001-2014 😊

        1. We are colleagues then 😊 for my experii think that too many times, we operators take for granted things that for tourists are not at all and we should be more focused on details, imho

    1. Me neither I cannot believe that all this magnificence was real 😍 my holiday is almost finished and I am already planning to come back, said that maybe now it is more clear at which point I have fell in love with this country😅

    1. It has been on my list since for a long time as well but it seems it is not possible to reduce this list, thanks to you as well, as you keep on showing us some beautiful landscapes as well 😊😍

    1. Ciao Bea ☺️ I have never been to Niagara falls so I couldn’t say if Iguazú is better or not, what I can tell you is that it gave me a huge set of different emotions and maybe this is what counts for travelers like us 😉 ho appena cominciato a seguirti, bello il tuo blog!

    1. Thank you for the and many thanks to Anabel as well. She is making me discover some amazing landscapes in the northern regions. I have visited your blog as well and you Jane Austen quote stroke me. I just love her!

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