The healthy exercise of travel

Traveling around Argentina might lead you to catch some flights because here distances are huge!

During one of those flights I have read a magazine, called Alta, that is distributed on board of every planes of Aerolíneas Argentinas.

I will document what I have read with pictures of this article because, believe it or not I am not the one stating that Travelling makes us more creative, flexible and, in a certain way, healthier!

This article made me smile because it mentions the diversity that strucks you when you see someone you know coming from a long period abroad.

What if you are that person?

What happens when you feel you no longer fit your country, when you no longer understand the jokes or concerns of your friends?

It is an odd situation, feeling as a foreigner in your own country!

How could you lost so much of your native culture and absorb other habits, way of thinking, lifestyle, etc. ?

Somehow it happens, it works with people, pets who look like their humans (and vice-versa) and apparently also with whole countries!

It does not mean that you transform in a “peace and love” individual or that you reject your country but, as a matter of fact, you are richer inside, you know and understand much more things than when you left the first time!

Is that healthy?

  • I think it is because we are animals and only the species that are able to adapt succeed in the course of life.
  • You might learn a bunch of things that will came out to be very helpful moments later.
  • Your brain keeps on exercising switching from a language to another or might making you desire to learn one more!
  • When you travel you are phisically actif.
  • You might perceive things at a different level, because you are finally coming out of your comfort zone!

Any doubt left?

I have found this sign in my first hotel in Buenos Aires

I have found this sign in my first hotel in Buenos Aires

24 thoughts on “The healthy exercise of travel

    1. I am afraid that we are not all traveling for the same reasons 🤔 some of us just want to add a pin on their maps and collect more likes and their socials. It is never going to work for them but of course Twain could not know that our society would have dig the ground so deep! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  1. Instead of trekking up nearby, and distant, mountains Mark Twain said all that he required was a verandah from and a telescope through which to view them, and a bottle of whiskey. Whilst of course not in any way comparing myself to the great man, I prefer to physically interact with the Alps than being satisfied with eyeing them from afar. Travel is different things to different people but life is fleeting, and to obsess with selfies and ‘checking in’ on Social Media than being more mindful of the moment and savouring the surroundings as something more than a location on a checklist is a depressing symptom of the modern era.

    1. Our society is necrotic and depressed, I have no doubt that someone could find some relief in checking in and selfies but how long will it last? It is for this reason that I always distinguish between tourists and travelers. For an ever lasting emotion we really need to abandon ourselves to novelties, whatever they are (imho)

    1. Non si sa mai! Ho appena avuto una discussione con un’amica che pensa che tutti noi blogger siamo deficienti! 😂🤦🏻‍♀️Il mondo è bello perché è avariato!!!

        1. Pure io, condivido. Per questo ormai faccio spallucce! I benefici dell’età, in altri tempi ci avrei litigato. Adesso lascio ognuno delle proprie convinzioni e continuo a bloggare! 😂

  2. “What happens when you feel you no longer fit your country, when you no longer understand the jokes or concerns of your friends?”

    This is exactly how I feel now as I endure the tragic era of Trump

  3. Interesting article Flavia. I just completed a 15 week trip backpacking Asia and Europe and felt so stimulated and inspired by the people and cultures that welcomed me. Travelling does teach us so very much. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Many thanks to you for stopping by. It must have been a wonderful trip the one that you have just finished. I always feel lost when I come back but I hope you brought back good memories and lots of energies. Where about have you been? Make me dream! 🤩

      1. Yes, I always expect a bit of depression when I return. My daughters, also travellers, know to expect this too. My latest trip was Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Italy.

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