0 thoughts on “Skopje – Street Art (Part 5)

      1. Yes, definitely. I already know the delights of Ljubljana and will return there, but have thought about visiting the likes of Belgrade, Pristina, and Skopje in the near future.

        1. I used to live in Pristina (until the end of September) and I have been to Belgrade just before leaving. How can I say that without sounding dramatical? In Pristina they are stopped at a past that is no longer existing and I would say that Belgrade has almost the same issue. Of course the tragic war that they have been through is not something you can erase in a blink of an eye but in Zagreb, for example I had not the same feeling, nor in Skopje to tell you the truth.
          The more you go down to the South and the more you have a clearly Balcans landscape, then it depends on what you are looking for. Belgrade, to me, has opened a window on the failure of Communism, Pristina on war, Skopje on Communism success, if you want as it is full of statues and commemorative signs. These, of course were only my impressions. Hopefully yours will be different but should you realize your tour I will be waiting for your opinions ☺️

          1. Very interesting, thanks for that. I think you have been everywhere! Have you tried Maribor in the east of Slovenia? Easy to get to from Ljubljana or from flying into Graz. It is one of my favourites. We will no doubt speak again.

          2. Unfortunately I haven’t been in lots of places yet, the world is so big and the time is not enough but I am doing my best to see as much as I can💪☺️ I haven’t tried Maribor but I want to come back to Slovenia, so I will add it to my list for sure☺️

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