Lake Bled

If you love nature you will love Lake Bled as well.

Unfortunately it is a very touristic place but somehow it still resists to the strong human invasion!

Sometimes I feel guilty when I travel because I think of my carbon impact, how my presence can affect the environment and its real inhabitants (animals), and things like that…

Then I look around me and what people do…

I have never thrown a piece of paper or anything else in the street, I keep my garbage with me and throw it in the next avail able trash bin.

If not applicable or if it is full, I keep on taking my garbage with me, that sometimes means back to the hotel or at home!

I don’t smoke.

I don’t talk loud on the phone.

I don’t take selfies.

I don’t occupy the seat nearby the window to sleep.

I always try local products to give my support to the local economy.

Travel for your pleasure but always respect the surrounding environment, travel for the joy and the emotion of seeing a different landscape, to immerge yourself in a different culture, with different habits, tastes, climates, etc.

Unplug, savour every single moment, listen to the universe and even if you are in a city, stop! If you are on holiday you can surely afford it!

No one cares what you did and where you’ve gone. Live your life for yourself and not for others and if you really cannot do it, at least behave.

Do not contribute to transform places like Lake Bled in a sort of hell!

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  1. Wow! It is rare that I agree with every word in a blog/article. Why do the majority of people find it hard to behave like this?
    Aside from walking around the lake and hiking up from its edge through the forest to the castle I have never been fond of Bled, but your photographs show it’s very best. Have a good day.

    1. Thank you Charlie. It has been hard to take photographs, avoiding to include people in them. That day it was insanly crowded but I have loved that place and I imagine that when you don’t have the masses there it must be even better. The truth is that we are too many in this planet and not even a quarter is sufficiently educated and respectful πŸ˜”

      1. Definitely. A lack of respect for each other and our surroundings. Just look at what is happening to the likes of Venice, Dubrovnik, etc. Mass tourism is not good for the places encouraging or turning a blind eye to it. It is though difficult to avoid being called a hypocrite if we all insist on travelling frequently but at the same time say we are very concerned for the world and the way we treat it. Hopefully speak again soon.

        1. The fact is that if we would all travel in amore responsible way, we would avoid lots of disasters. I totally agree when municipalities decide to go impose a certain number of entries within its walls and then that’s it! It is perfectly fair and logical. I can accept it. What I don’t understand is why certain kind of people insist on traveling. They don’t seem to enjoy the travel, neither the destination. They could leave their place to someone more concerned and save their money! 😈

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