Greetings from Ushuaia

This is not a scheduled post, I just wanted to say hello to everybody, as you are a lot of people that are keeping on following me, texting me here or in private, even if I reply very late.


We have arrived today in Ushuaia, also known as “the end of the world”.


It is the Southest city in the world, that means that is pretty cold because we are close to the South Pole!

We have found 2 degrees… but they call it Spring! 😂🤦🏻‍♀️


This is also a preview of what my new camera allows me to do!


I have been traveling since I bought it, with no opportunity to download any picture.


Here are some shots of the local fauna, taken a few hours ago.





Penguins are the great absent because, due bad weather conditions, we could not reach the island where they live… but I am sure they would be happy to join me for this quick greetings post! ☺️


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    1. Hi Ron, unfortunately we won’t have the time but I am already planning my next trip coming from Chile this time and going down along the other side ☺️💪

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