Bled Castle

Below this roof there is the entrance within the walls of the castle

Below this roof there is the entrance within the walls of the castle

Right after the dreamy Vintgar Gorge, on the same day, our guide (Tusi) drove us to Bled Castle, that was the part that made me decide to book with Roundabout Travel.

The Bled Castle, also known as Blejski Grad, left me utterly speechless! ๐Ÿ˜

Should you feel like a princess, a happy one or in distress, this is the right place to keep on dreaming!

And should you be in the mood of a more advanced fairy tale, they also organize weddings and banqueting!

Within the walls you can also find a bar cafeteria, a souvenir shop, a printing house where you can have your name printed at the old fashion way, a castle forge and a wine cellar.

My only wish was taking as many pictures as possible, to link my memories to them, but memory is strictly related to emotions and there is no way I could ever forget this wonderful castle.

Handmade crafted souvenirs from the Castle's forge

Handmade crafted souvenirs from the Castle’s forge

It is the oldest Slovenian castle and it is located 130 meters higher than the lake.

Like any decent castle, worth of that name, also this one has its own own legend.

Roughly in 1500 Sir Kreigh disappeared all of a sudden.

It seems that his farmers were unhappy and unsatisfied under his reign.

His widow, Poliksena, who had his same bad temper, didn’t took it too well and started oppressing her people in order to accumulate money and gold.

She ordered a bell to honor his husband, it was meant for the Island but the bell went lost during a storm, while crossing the lake by boat.

There are people who swear that you can still hear the sunk bell some days!

After that episode the widow’s nerves broke down and she retired to Rome, but no worries, bad people always find a solution and she got another bell from the pope!

I have gathered here all the pictures that could not be categorized as something specific but you will have your dedicated post for windows and doors, as usual โ˜บ๏ธ

Besides a stunning view on Lake Bled and the whole surrounding area (that I will show you tomorrow), the castle also has a private chapel that is still used and well preserved.

I was not accustomed to see all that pink in a church but somehow I liked it as well ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  1. What a pretty church (again) and that dragon! <3 I'm so glad you had a great experience. I remember walking up to the castle with my class at a school trip (it was steep!) and then listening to lots of historic info and it all went in and out. I was not a good history student. ๐Ÿ˜€ And I remember fancy rooms, lots and lots of rooms. I'm glad they take a good care of tourists.

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