Lake Bohinj – Church of Saint John the Baptist

Lake Bohinj not only is an amazing natural village, it also hosts an important monument for the local community, that is the church of Saint John the Baptist.

This building has been built in 1300 and still maintain its frescoes,outside and inside.

It is a very tiny church but it is undoubtedly worth a visit.

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  1. Church of Sv. Duh(Holy Spirit) at the other end of the lake near Ukanc is also worth a visit for quiet contemplation, something rarely possible at St. John the Baptist. Thanks for the great pictures.

      1. Hi. I’ve visited Bohinj on at least half a dozen occasions and written extensively on the region. A great place but I feel the inexorable influence of the outside world starting to have a detrimental effect on the lake. It is of course no longer an unknown, best kept secret location and countless Instagram pics ensures it ends up on an increasing amount of travellers’ bucket lists. Regards.

        1. I am afraid you are terribly right, Charlie but however I hope that it will be preserved as long as possible. Unfortunately some places suffer for social trends more than others 😔

  2. Churchs of Bohinj – Slovenia
    The the most famous is the church of John the Baptist
    by Lake Bohinj. By lake is beautiful church of Holy Spirit too.
    The largest is the church in Bohinjska Bistrica and other
    churchs in Bohinj are interesting and unique too. :

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