Argentina, we are coming!

I have started organizing my trip to Argentina when I was still living in Kosovo.

This is the famous camera that I finally bought in Ljubljana but I still had not the chance to show the pictures that I have taken with it!

This is the famous camera that I finally bought in Ljubljana but I still had not the chance to show the pictures that I have taken with it!

It has been a very heavy year for me and I was desperately needing to get rid of some negativity.

For example, what about planning travels? Lately I have done a lot, somehow I needed to reconcile with nature!

“Planning” is a big word for me!

My private life is utterly different from my organized and all scheduled professional life!

Last time I did a big trip was 2 years ago and I went to Australia and New Zealand.

Today, like 2 years ago, I am joining Laura (one of my best friends ever).

Laura has already left but I will do the same tonight! 🎊

Laura has already left and I am on my flight to Buenos Aires at the time you are reading! 🎊

The post that you will see for the next three weeks have been scheduled in advance but I will try to connect to reply to your comments and keep in touch.

And who knows, should I have a good wifi connection I could make also some direct post from there! 💪☺️

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    1. Thank you my dear. Yes, if I finally can find someone who knows how to connect it to my mobile you will finally will! It is driving me crazy, I have tried in multiple ways and none of them is working

        1. Well, the only way is to connect to a computer and then transfer them to my mobile! It is 5 am on this side of the world. I am waiting for the sun to rise to get out and accomplish my mission of discovering the beauties of this city😉

  1. Awesome. All the best my fellow traveler. Looks like I keep following you. Am off to Istanbul on the 22nd October and intend going to South America next year 😊

        1. Hoy he llegado a Montevideo. Mañana voy la punta del este y casa pueblo 🎊 pero hay mucho más que ver. Tengo un listado interminable 🤣 y tengo problemas con los acentos latinoamericanos. He aprendido el castellano en Barcelona, pues puedes imaginar! Pero hasta ahora me encanta todo!

          1. Jaja! El acento Argentino en realidad es gente hablando con Español con acento Italiano. 😉 Pero la pronunciación puede ser… sorprendente. “Possho” es Pollo!
            Buen viaje.

          2. Bravo ! Es esto! Ellos me entienden pero yo a veces me quedo un poco perpleja😂 pero me encanta todo! Considera que hasta ahora no tenía tan oportunidades de practicar mi español. Es como un viaje en el viaje😂🎊

          3. Seguro. Además en America Latina, hay mucho vocabulario local. Palabras que ni los Españoles entienden. Y cambian de país en país… Hasta el sentido.

  2. Ayer he vuelto a Buenos Aires, hoy ha llegado mi compañera también y mañana volamos hasta Ushuaia. Cada día es una descubierta. Hoy he asistido a la parada por la descubierta de la América, me he divertido como una niña 😍

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