Lake Bohinj

I am not a mountain lover but maybe for the first time I have enjoyed this kind of getaway!

I had booked a guided tour and we left at 8.00 from Ljubljana.

Tusi, our guide was a lovely girl from Slovenia.

I have been the last one to be picked up.

I enter the mini van and the smiling Tusi introduces me to the other tourists: mother and daughter from Korea, a girl from New Zealand and two couple of friends from India.

I just love this kind of tours and as the Indians said at the end of the day, we have been just like a family for that day!

An odd fact to know, later that day they had a contest for the most beautiful cow of the region!

It sounded so odd to me but as a matter of fact we had to change our schedule that day because of this event that attracted an incredible amount of people from the villages around there.

And we had found lots of traffic in the evening when drivibg back to Ljubljana 😳😅

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  1. Glad you found Bohinj and it made a positive, lasting impression. To avoid the crowds, flies, and the hottest temperatures the best times to go, for me at least, are March-May and Late September-early November. It is one of two of my favourite places, along with the Wildschonau in the Austrian Tirol. Regards.

    1. Hi Charles, yes, I really enjoyed it and I can understand why locals prefer it respect Bled that is much more commercial and crowded. I don’t know Wildschonau but I can always add it to my long wish list!

  2. Hehheh! I don’t know about the most beautiful cow (I have never heard of this contest!) but it’s hard not to be a fan of this scenery. I have stayed many summers near Lake Bohinj, swam in it often even though it’s a bit chilly, and climbed the mountains around it. I’m glad that you had a great day.

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