0 thoughts on “Hanging on Ljubljana’s walls

    1. You wrote it correctly, don’t worry. I would recommend a tour of the whole country. Once you cross the ocean, treat you with something fresh! It is just like Italian or Austrian Alps but with a touch of northern Europe style, tidy and fancy

          1. True. I did some research on GDP per capita. Which in my mind is a far better measure of wealth than GDP. There is a tend that some smaller countries have a higher GDP per capita. Logical, smaller population. Mathematically speaking. But, it is possible that smaller countries find it easier to… avoid corruption, make laws more easily enforced, etc. And, small countries, small problems.

          2. Well, if I think to countries like Luxembourg, Monaco Montecarlo or the Vatican… I would say that your theory perfectly fits! If I think to Kosovo it already arises some problems but they had a the war… Slovenia has a small portion of Coast. I should move there for a while to test this theory😈🤣💪🤪

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