0 thoughts on “Ljubljana – Windows (Part 2)

    1. I have seen it first in some pictures set up in the alley of Jakopič Promenade and later on that day, while I was looking for the camera shop! I got lost, as usual, because despite the fact of having a direction to follow I often find difficult to stick to instructions! 😂 😂 😂

    1. I think the first one reminds you somehow of Mexico and I like that one too. Well, as part of ex Yugoslavia the country had been involved in dark pages of the history and of course they have a wonderful geographic position but the impression that I had is that it’s people has a sort of x factor. They have been able to reinvent their lives outside rigid schemes, outside of power centers of interest. Not even in Amsterdam I had the same feeling but of course, they have a totally different story. Slovenia has never been a big country that could influence others but it seems they really enjoy their condition of tiny state in the heart of Europe. They are the Slavic version of Switzerland 😍

        1. The locals call it the Indian building but in any case it is so different from the light facades of the center. I like the style, especially because it is located in a very centered and elegant street. It is the kind of building you wouldn’t expect there but it brings joy and colors ☺️

          1. I am afraid that it is pretty uncomfortable, at least for someone like me who loves the sun and hot temperatures. They are surrounded by mountains, alps, slopes, in fact they ski a lot.

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