Ljubljana – Statues

I have always loved dragons, it must be some reminiscence of my childhood.

Strangely I don’t like at all when they are represented as bad character or dead!

I love them because they look like evil but in my fantasy they are not!

Also for this reason, Ljubljana has been a terrific city to visit.

I loved everything of it, these sapient hands who have crafted those statues and some more fancy objects and sculpture that you can easily find strolling in the city center.

At the beginning I fid not understood.

I had a sort of familiar feeling, it reminded me of something else, another city that I must have visited but I just couldn’t figure it out.

Everything in Ljubljana is personalized, with a touch of northern Europe, they have fantasy, it is a bright city (I won’t make any comparison but it is, even i it’s darkest corners), then the dragons, this atmosphere of fairy tale…

And yes, I got it! Don’t take me for a crazy but it reminded me of Barcelona, at least in the comfort feeling that I had walking down its streets!

Of course, they are different but they ar both exuberant and spread joy.

Well, actually, here in Slovenia they like to say that they spread love, because it is a tiny country and a bunch of other reasons.

Last but not least, the love and care that they put in every detail!

I have loved these series of fisces in a downtown fountain…

Just like these robots in a private garden!

Love, love, love 😍

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  1. Eeee, the dragons! They look friendly on your photos. πŸ™‚ You certainly notice things… I thought I do too, but I don’t remember seeing many of these. Of course Slovenians say love, there it is, in the name of our country, look: S-LOVE-nia. πŸ˜‰ (Did you see yourself mentioned in my Thursday Doors post from this morning?)

    1. Yes, thank you☺️ yes, also Tusi, my guide to Bled told me about this love thing but surprisingly I have found more hearts in Croatia. Are they copying you? By the way, I still don’t know all the Balkans but I can already state that your country stole my heart! πŸ˜‚β€οΈ

    2. P. S. It is totally different when you live in a country and when you visit it. I have the habit of walking around, head up, looking for details. I took this habit since I was a child and so far Rome still looks different when I go back there! It is impossible to retain everything, photos can help but still your eyes need to be trained! Ljubljana was a good exercise as well. I could have spend a hour per street! Very enjoyable!

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