Ljubljana – Doors (Part 1)

So… Today we stay in the Balcans but in a totally different country!

We fly to Slovenia!

And this post is a homage to my friend Manja who is from there and loves doors!

This is only a part, I am still travelling around and I don’t have any Wi-Fi connection.

Consider that these are still the photos that I have taken with my mobile.

I have tested the camera in Croatia and it is just great!

But Ljubljana is worth a thousand visits so I definitely will go back there!

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  1. Oooooo!!! The one before last I have never seen in my life, and I’m from there! 😮 It’s amazing!! I struggle to read the street name… Can you help? I really hope to be there with you one day, and great to hear that the new camera is working well. Thanks for the shout-out!! I remember posting doors #1, #3 and #5 already and the rest look familiar too, but not the one before last. Just gorgeous. I’m so glad that you loved my city. <3 If you won't link to Thursday Doors, I'll link to you in my TD post that is coming later today. 🙂

    1. Luckily that you remember me the days of the week because I am totally out of the world!🤦🏻‍♀️😂 I am on a bus headed to Belgrade, full of people, not even one seat available!

      And yes, I have loved your city soooo much. It is amazing! I still wonder why I haven’t visited before but one day we will go there together💪😊

    2. With regards to the door you don’t know, I have still à map in my back bag and I will tell it to you later because now it is quite uncomforting to look for it, by the way it is still in the center, upper part. I remember there was a shop selling huge bowls of soups on the other side of the road and it is fairly close to the big street but nope, I can’t remember the name. I will write you later😘

      1. I shared your post on FB and asked the locals where it is and got my answer. The street is Dalmatinova. 🙂 It is incredible that I have not passed there and seen this door, at least in the last five years when I notice every door I pass.

        Enjoy Belgrade and see the Serbian film Ko to tamo peva (“Who’s Singin’ Over There?”) where they come to Belgrade with a bus too. 😀

        And oh yes, we will explore together.

  2. These are magnificent! Thanks to Manja’s photos I have been aware of how beautiful Ljubljana is for some time now. It’s also nice to see others who have actually been there, confirm my impressions of this place. Terrific collection this week 🙂

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