Springs of Lake Ohrid

We leave Trpejca and we head toward the Monastery of Saint Naum.

The landscape is still amazing.

The place is crowded of people but very well organized and they it looks like they are accustomed in receiving tourists.

I am impressed by the management and the organization.

We have a nice walk before reaching the Monastery and we cross the springs of Lake Ohrid.

We don’t have the time to do a boat tour but I hope I will be back some day.

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  1. Just by looking at the photos, we are already dazzled with such beauty that it emanates from the landscape of that colorful nature. You don’t need to say it in words. It is a wonderful journey An adventure not to forget.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Not once do we miss passing by this place when we go to North Macedonia. Ever since the beginning I have needed to pay a visit to Sveti Naum, every time. Thank you for reliving the experience.

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