Lake Ohrid – Sunset (Part 2)

This is the sequel of the stunning sunset on Ohrid Lake!

[wpvideo WPEsLDtG data-temp-aztec-id=”9022c3c1-9a49-4c43-a3e0-3785bbb8d749″]

I ignore if you share my frustration for the people talking and laughing in backround.

I think there are moments that we need to live all by ourselves but unfortunately not always we have the chance to get what we want!

Boats are coming back to the Port.

Seagulls are flying low but they are too fast to be captured.

At this stage I thought that the show was almost over, until I realized that in my right side the landscape was totally different.

At a relatively short distance it looked exactly like in the picture here below.

And this video is the proof!

[wpvideo aWfRoLxp class=”data-temp-aztec-video” data-temp-aztec-id=”436cd5de-db21-4dff-a38e-2e5bc5da3f2f”]

Someone could think that one or two pictures would have been more than enough for this post and maybe it is true.

I have done more than 150 photos that evening, all of them on this subject and I want to remember as much as possible of every single shade, movement of the water and atmosphere.

Just like kids that are having fun I told myself, the last one and I go…

The very last one…

The very very last one!

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