Heading to Lake Ohrid

This post refers to the day of yesterday.

Heading to Lake Ohrid with Dora, our new spa manager.

We jump in her car and leave Pristina at 8.00 AM.

We cross Kosovo and a good portion of North Macedonia (all the photos have been taken in North Macedonia).

The weather is not that bad but we can see that autumn is coming.

We arrive at 13.30, without getting lost three hundred times and without passing by industrial zones (as we used to do with Gise, our former spa manager).

But still the extimation of Google Maps cannot be respected, too much traffic and streets full of bends!

The view from our room is really something.

We stop to the resort restaurant to have a bite and then straight to the lake, that is just a few steps away.

I have spent the rest of the day taking photos and finally relaxing a while.

I have lots of pictures of the yesterday sunset to show you but I still have to organize them.

Hopefully it will be the post of tomorrow 😉

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  1. By the way, I know North Macedonia —my husband is from North Macedonia— and I can recognise those landscapes from my travelling there. Hope you’re enjoying it deeply! 🙂

    1. I am on my way back to Pristina. My eyes are still full of the images and photos that I took at the lake. It is an amazing place and yes, I have enjoyed it a lot. You can tell your husband that it is a beautiful country. I have made other posts about it and some more will follow!😊

      1. Thank you! I’ve already seen you have other posts and I’ll visit them for sure. My husband’s town, Struga, is on the shore of Lake Ohrid and crossed by the river Drim. I’m glad I have passed by your blog to revisit the place and see it mentioned on WordPress. Thank you!

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