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  1. Beautiful photos of such a lovely city. I read Orhan Pamuk’s ‘Istanbul: Memory and the city’ some years ago and found it fascinating. Lovely to see this up to date view of Istanbul.

  2. No I can guess about your summer. Never been to Istanbul, though I wrote a story around it. Most people I now who’ve been there seem to have fallen to its charm. 🙂

    1. These pictures have actually been taken in May but I am storing them little by little on this blog, because they were really a lot. By the way, yes, Istanbul is a very charming city indeed. How could you write about it without visiting it? I assume you have read a lot on this subject ☺️

      1. Haha! (Not to compare myself to him, but Flaubert wrote one of the best novels about a woman though being a man…) A good friend of mine is an artist. She draws a sketch a day. Stayed in Istanbul for a while. And I became fascinated with her drawings of Istanbul. And slowly a story emerged around her drawings. That plus a good bit of research, and voilà. A story was born. Here’s the link for the first part if you’re interested:

          1. Thank you. Glad you liked it. Though I sometimes wonder about “imagination”. In reality, I feel as if the story comes to me. In bits and pieces. Sometimes it’s the title. In this the artist’s name is Tiffany. I thought: Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Too easy. Breakfast in Istanbul… That’s better. Why is there a breakfast in Istanbul? And the story forms in my head. When it’s ready, I sit down to write. Thanks for reading. Here’s another, in the same vein.

          2. Actually it’s not “nothing”, that’s why I say the stories are there floating around. Sometimes it’s a word I hear. An image. Both stories were triggered by Tiffany’s art. Also I have worked in Marketing most of my professional life. And Marketing is about telling a story. 😉

          3. You are totally right, but still I think that it is a gift to create something and make up a story from. A single word, a design, a sound, whatever it can be your source of inspiration. When I write a press release I take all the material from the reality, the rooms, the restaurant, the spa of the hotel, I think of the pertinent information that could be interesting for a client and put them together. I can only shape form but not reality. You create characters, stories, episodes, plots. It is just like the professional writers, you have another world into your head! ☺️

          4. When I wrote market research reports it was reality and nothing but. 🙂 It is still a story though. Maybe my brief stint in Advertising helped.
            Fiction, I guess I hear voices. 😉
            (I need to take my meds) 😉
            Take care

          5. Aaaah ah, you made me laugh when you mentioned the medicaments! Luckily you are far away from being the crazy writer but I am sure your internal world is highly populated but this is so good, you will never get bored! 😉

          6. Haha! Actually you’re right. Some of friends who are not retired yet are terrified (What will I do?) and ask me: “You never get bored?”. Nope.
            Ciao ciao

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