1000 times thank you!

I don’t love celebration posts, especially the auto-celebrative ones!

How strange is life, I always have to make some for the hotel I am working for but I don’t like to do the same thing for myself!

So I will just mention it because it is a big number for someone who does not spend much time blogging, but somehow I feel I owe you a big thank you.

This blog has never meant for unknown people, I use it as my personal storage for photos and videos.

I have started it for friends and ex colleagues, people with very regular lives, constantly surprised of my ever changing style! 😂

With the time I have discovered that out there is full of people who share my passion and addiction to travels.

Some of you embrace change just the way I do and you are ready to quit and leave whenever needed by the circumstances!

How amazing is this? ☺️

I am glad our paths crossed and I am also happy to be followed by my stable friends! You bring balance in chaos, I recognize you added value every day, even if we are different!

The variety of this world is really something!

My favorite part in blogging is preparing posts and screening the good moments of my life.

The second best part is exchanging with you.

Here below are the post that you have liked the most.

Here the posts that are rising, according to your likes and preferences.

Just for info at the end of this month I will leave Kosovo.

I am headed to Argentina and in case I find the right conditions I would love to remain there!

Be ready, more pictures are coming! ☺️

0 thoughts on “1000 times thank you!

    1. Luisa, davvero, io non ho mai nemmeno osato sperare in tanto seguito proprio perché lo scopo di questo blog era solo di farmi da back-up per i vari computer e cellulari che puntualmente mi mollano sul più bello! Stramaledetti! Direi quindi che, una volta di più, la bellezza è negli occhi di guarda☺️ tanti baci dal Kosovo😘😘😘😘

    1. Grazieeeee. Viaggeremo ancora! È una giornata di incazzature a lavoro. Chi ha detto che i cattivi capi non servono? Servono a spronarti a cambiare, ad andare avanti, a cambiare strada e appunto a viaggiare! Di solito ne approfitto sempre tra un contratto e l’altro! Non possiamo scegliere quello che ci capita ma possiamo scegliere come reagire! 🎊🎊🎊

      1. Sono completamente d’accordo con te: sorridiamo anche nel mezzo di una tempesta, concentrandoci sulle piccole/grandi gioie della vita! Ciao! 🙂

  1. Blogging has many elements of magic. Amongst them some incredible people we would never have “met”. Even just on-line. Though a few I have met in person, and don’t regret it.
    Argentina? Qué maravilla! I take it you speak Spanish too or will learn soon. Felicidades.

      1. Perfecto. Solo recuerda que los Argentinos tienen un acento muuuuy particular. Pero en dos-rtes semanas te ajustarás. Muchas felicidades por el nuevo trabajo.

          1. Jaja! Estoy seguro que aprenderás rápido. Cuando llegué a Mexico, ya hablaba bastante Español pero el vocabulario puede ser tan diferente que andaba siempre con una libreta: ¿Y eso, qué significa?

  2. Wow, that is a lot of people. 🙂 I’m glad we all found our ways to your blog. Enjoy Argentina! I’d learn to tango! 😉 (Oh, and Ljubljana before that. Make sure you check out Metelkova City. There is a nice coffee bar at the top of the Skyscraper (Nebotičnik) too with the view. And go down by the stairs, not the lift, for a nice staircase. They will want to prevent it but say it’s for your blog with 1000 followers, hihi.)

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