0 thoughts on “Istanbul – Minarets

  1. the king called up his jet fighters
    He said you better earn your pay
    Drop your bombs between the minarets
    Down the Casbah way
    As soon as the Shareef was
    Chauffeured outta there
    The jet pilots tuned to
    The cockpit radio blare
    As soon as the Shareef was
    Out of their hair
    The jet pilots wailed

  2. For some reason, I became drawn to their eerie call on a recent cruise. How might a secular person then such as me interpret this phenomenon?

    1. This is a good question! In Italy we have churches bells but they never sing at night! This is really a matter of religion and lifestyle. At the moment I am living in a Muslim country (Kosovo) and I have tried to understand this fact of praying 5 times per day but when it does not belong to your culture there is nothing to do, you can only accept the explanation and go ahead with your life

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