The bored employee

I am Italian but it’s been a while that I am working abroad, for a bunch of reasons that I won’t mention in this post.

I am not the first, I won’t be the last…

Besides the fact that I love to travel, my motivation for working in Hotels as a Director of Sales & Marketing, does not lay only there.

One day, I was at work and one of my colleagues told me “you don’t understand us, you work that much because your family is not there and you have nothing to do, besides work!”.

I didn’t took it personally but it engendered a lot of reflections.

1. You are working in tourism, you cannot quit and drop the pen when your shift finishes because sometimes you are envolved in situations and conversations with guests.

2. I am not saying that this is fair, it is just a matter of fact, a hotel is not a ministry!

3. You work when others are having fun!

4. And you should enjoy that part, because it allows you to work in a relaxed ambient, for some aspects.

5. Otherwise you could always try “customer care”, where people are complaining most of the time. Only after you make that experience we could discuss about it again.

6. By the way, imho, you should always enjoy the caothic part.

7. Yes, some day it is a lot! Sometimes it is overwhelming. I only know that every time that I have left hotels for other jobs in different domains I have deeply missed them and I have always come back.

8. Until the day that I have embraced the only evidence, I belonged to them! After all I was not that “normal” and I was not meant to conduct a conventional existence with regular schedules, no rush, no stress!

9. I just love to be challenged, novelties, meeting new people every day, exchanging with them, talking about work stuff, reaching targets, feeling part of a team and once again reaching targets together, motivate the team, struggling to obtain results…

10. Failing is part of the game but the good thing is that it leads you to learn something! Always! Somehow you will always end up by enriching yourself and I cannot imagine a bigger gratification than a job that allows you to learn, mature, grow up, think out of the box.

11. Working in hotels just changed my life, I am sure it could happen in any other sector, to me it happened in hotels, this is why I always say that the job chose me and not viceversa!

12. To recap, if you are not doing a job that you love you should definitely change it. Life is too short to waste it in activities that you hate or you are not interested in (and I talk by experience, because it was exactly what happened to me in other contexts).

13. We all have a private life, family, friends, interests, hobbies… how arrogant is to think that the “foreigner” has nothing to do and comes to work just because otherwise she gets bored?

14. And by the way, what kind of lousy motivation would that be? I am investing on my self every single minute that I spend at work. I am investing on my education, on my training, knowledge, improving my skills, acquiring new ones. I invest on my business relationships, I invest on my future, on my career and you can be sure that most of those contacts will follow me wherever I will go!

15. Last but not least, I am a foreigner here and yes, one day I may want to leave but how idiot can you be if you are not investing in your country and solidifying your position in this company? You should do it for yourself or at least for the family that you claim to be your most important thing!

16. I am not saying that you should focus only on the job, of course there are other important things in life but I cannot forget that it is thanks to your job that you can have them or maintain them!

17. Now, what is your contribution to this company? Are you really an important asset?

The answer to this question came some years later: the day that I have left, people have cried, the day he left they have had a party!

47 thoughts on “The bored employee

    1. Hi Robert, yes it was not my favorite one! Ask your wife to translate you IL MONDO È BELLO PERCHÉ È VARIO and please say CIAO to her on my behalf☺️

    1. I have always enjoyed being an expat and could not care less about other’s opinion but you know when they put on you a label and you fill that so inappropriate because it does not reflect you at all…

      1. Yes, very true! They label us just because we are expat…well…I guess nothing we can do for them…they will never change their mind…we can just try to enjoy as much as we can 😉

        1. I ignore if it is a cultural crash or a mentality one. 🤔 If you do not like the job you do it does not really matter the country, the problem is the job! There is one point that I had not considered. How frustrating can be when they hire from abroad for a high position? As you say, there is nothing that we can do… Just enjoy!

  1. I have never worked abroad, but there was a time in my life that I had to move to another city myself and my family stayed in my hometown. Of course, I had a lot of time at the time, but that doesn’t mean I was supposed to spend it only at work. Outside of work, I wanted to explore a new city, enjoy every day, do something for myself. Live!!:-)

    1. And you are totally right, it is the same thing that I used to do when I am not working but I am committed to work and I enjoy what I do so it is not a burden at all, it is a pleasure to me and then of course, when I am off I enjoy traveling and meeting friends ☺️

  2. You make me want to work in a hotel! I did in the past (in France – I’m French) and loved it, and then I interviewed in Boston (where I live now) but didn’t get the job. I’ll try again when I can 🙂 In the meantime I envy you! 🙂

    1. Victor, you really flattered me! keep on trying, please! whatever is your role, despite of the country, circumstances, bad colleagues or good ones… Hospitality is really something and I think we all need motivated colleagues! By the way, j’ai travaillé en France également et j’ai appris un grand nombre choses dans ton pays, ça a été fondamentale pour ma carrière ! J’espère que tu aura lal même occasion, n’importe où dans le monde☺️ Enjoy Boston😘

    1. Thank you Jim. To tell you the truth I have been in the situation of hating my job, lots of years ago and of course it was a totally different one. Now that I have found something that I really like and enjoy doing that I stick to that, I think that is normal☺️ what I found illogical is complaining without taking action… and this is why the lack of positive attitude in most of the cases (imho)

      1. good point, I’m sure it’s easier to have apositive attitude when you like your job. but yes, if you don’t like your job, you need to do something about that.

          1. I often reflect about my comfort zone and I wonder if I ever had one🤔 I can understand that people are scared to leave theirs although at a certain point it becomes a matter of quality life!

          2. agreed. I guess some people are just more laid back, and willing to take whatever life gives them, as opposed to taking charge of their life.

  3. We should all work at what we enjoy if possible. At school I said to myself I’m never going to work in an office. I have worked from little children’s playgroups to First Class airport lounges – with shops including Harrods inbetween. It is fun working with people, well done Flavia, I’m sure your hotels are very nice to visit.

    1. I come from boutique hotels in leisure destinations and the one where I am currently working is my first business one in a city that unfortunately has nothing of leisure but I have loved all of them! Different places, different clients, different colleagues, different cultures. How important is to do something we really love!

    1. Hi Karina, thank you for your comment. I was impressed by all the positive feedback received by this post. Maybe because it sounds all true, as you said, and in fact it is. I would love to write something on my creepy bosses as well but I am afraid that no one will hire me then! 😅

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