Bjeshka Restaurant

I am following up the post of yesterday. I usually don’t do real time posts and for those who wrote me in private, no, I have not been kidnapped, I am safe at home!

It is just that Peja was not the dreamy village that some idiot described me.

All around you have mountains and there yes, you have very nice landscape to see.

Here is the proof and once more don’t trust what people say, go and check by your own!

For the good and bad things, it works in both of the cases!

… so, I have left you yesterday at the time where Ditona rescued me from the city of Peja.

She drove me to a nice restaurant nestled in the mountains.

We kept on discussing about life, war, travels and I finally could relax and enjoy the day out!

The Kosovar version of feta cheese

The Kosovar version of feta cheese

The light yellow peppers are my favorite, so far I have found them only here in Kosovo

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