0 thoughts on “Istanbul – In front of Hagia Sofia

  1. I was there once, but I was a scared 19-year-old… And didn’t begin to appreciate the opportunity
    Beautiful pics

    1. I hope you will have another chance to visit it and that the next time you will enjoy it. By the way, I perfectly understand, Istanbul can be a scary place as well. It is a city with thousand faces

  2. Hello Flavia. I am going to Turkey in Oct and shall have only 5 nights there. Am landing in Istanbul. Any suggestions on how should I use my days? I was told I should keep 3 days for Istanbul!

    1. I would keep all the 5!πŸ˜‚ Then it depends on the kind of traveler you are and if you only want to have a general overview or if you want to deep your knowledge of the city. In my humble opinion there is so much to see but it depends on your preferences… I have stopped surprising me the day I have learned that people book 2 days in Rome but 3 in Disneyland Paris!!

      1. Thank you so much Flavia. I appreciate it.
        I am not a General Overview type πŸ˜‚
        And I am with you on Rome and Disneyland πŸ˜‡

        1. Enjoy your 5 days in one of the most amazing city of the world then. I have been there something like 10 times and I never can get enough of it 😍

          1. Thank you so much Flavia. Now that I know that visa is no big deal, chances are I too will visit again soon 😊

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