Roman Castles view from the sky

When you land in Rome and you come from South East this is the stunning view you can expect.

I think I have never seen this area like this before.

Geography is so interesting when you change your perspective!

This area is called “Roman Castles” and Romans use to go there for gateways, week-ends but also to have nice and fairly cheap dinners.

It is well known for wine, “porchetta” and impressive villas.

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  1. I was at Rome three times, and always tried to see through the window: Colosseum, Forum Romanum. I have never seen:-) But views are amazing!!

    1. It depends from where you are coming and in which airport you are landing by the way you can see them very tiny and at a considerable distance. Usually only Romans can detect them because they know where to look! πŸ˜…

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog which led me to yours. I do believe all of life is interesting when viewed from various perspectives.

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