Only in Istanbul…

When you travel you discover lots of new things… on the countries you are visiting, their habits, their history, their culture… and sometimes also on yourself!

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This post is about the strange things that I have found during my last visit in Istanbul, a city that I extremely love and know pretty well but nope, apparently it is never enough! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Here above the dervish dancer. I just loved it๐Ÿ˜ and here below the magic book!

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Sorry, I am not able to rotate the video but I really liked their music.

Later, that day, I have found these frogs that could have accompanied them๐Ÿ˜‚

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Same as before, I cannot rotate the video. My first time in Istanbul during Ramadan. It has not been properly a good idea idea to book a hotel just nearby a mosque but when I have booked I was not thinking to secondary effects! I have been awaken in the middle of my precious and rare sleep for 3 nights in a row but now that it is over I almost miss it!

Don’t ask me why but this city has a very peculiar charm to me. It reminds of a city that I have loved and hated with the same violent feeling (Palermo).

It reminds me of a capital full of history and beautiful spots such as Rome and that could be much better but still struggles to find her way among other civilized and well entertained cities.

It reminds me of places that I have never been… but just dreamt of. Istanbul, to me, is the city of one and one thousand nights, it is a mix, a crossroad, I feel it’s European soul as much as its Asian one.

I love it because it is not just a beautiful city, it ils a city with a strong and vivid character, it is just like a person with many qualities and it strikes you in the good sense but also on the bad. It’s completely human!

And this car reminded me of a guy who scared me to death, right outside the Egyptian Bazar.

He was carrying a weapon surrounded by sellotape, with a gilet, not very tall, a wild beard, his eyes focused on his phone… Then I finally saw the write on his gilet “polis” and I started breathing once again, but seriously, I was shocked!

And this last picture is from a district that I did not know but that I have discovered thanks to a blogger here in WordPress. 10000 times thank you!

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