Vlorë (Part 2)

I missed the sea, I just needed this kind of blue in my life!

The first 2 pictures are from Gise, while I was still driving and looking for a parking.

Starting from here I have started taking pictures as usual, enjoy the landscape and get a sort of homesick!

How could I not think that right on the opposite site, a few miles away layed my beloved Puglia?!

Nope, it is not the one that you can see in the distance, we were at the Otranto level and it was right behind the orizon.

For those who love the sea, they are all different pans in ap certain way they all look alike😍

Sea side villages are always a step ahead, they have got the sea, they have got the air, they have got the wind…

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  1. How lovely. I had no idea Albania could be so pretty. (The image in the media is not exactly favourable!) 🙂
    And I had no idea Italy was so close. 🙂

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