On the way between Durrës and Vlorë

I don’t take credit for the next photos as they have all been made by Gisella while I was driving and struggling with the automatic car!

We left Durrës in the late morning as we both needed to sleep.

Destination Vlorë! The sea was terrible in Durrës and we came down here for some nice landscapes.

It is exactly what we got even getting lost uncountable times.

Albania is a nice country, despite the constant sadness for crossing so many random dogs in every corner of cities, highways and fields.

This is some serious and indecent problem. We managed to enjoy the country but we could never forget all the sad eyes we have met.

Street Art in Fier

Street Art in Fier

Yes, there are also lots of poor people but none has beaten them or abandoned them.

We have seen as well lots of cars, motorcycles and cars much older than us, pieces of history of 50 years or more.

We still wonder how they could circulate, overloaded and in critical conditions. This is the only picture that Gisella could take.

Our snack for the journey!

Our snack for the journey!

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          1. So happy to hear that! Yeah, for sure Vlora is a pretty beautiful city, most because of the sea and the seaside! Enjoy it next time too

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