Albania, we’re coming!

We were not supposed to leave together, the only certainty was that I would have rent a car and I was pretty sure that I would have been alone.

Then Gise, my colleague from spa, decided to come at the very last minute.

Dealing with an automatic and big car for my very first time. 😱 Who knows me in real life knows how frustrating and challenging it could have been!

The driver at the hotel showed me how to manage the car, people taking pictures in front of the Hotel (apparently it is the local habit before the Prom night) making us lose precious minutes of light!

When we finally managed to leave we made some meters and stopped several times, got lost in Pristina and tried 3 phones to get a GPS signal but nope!

Gise, looking for the right directions on static maps, me trying to get accustomed to the 2 pedals system!

Somehow we did it! We crossed scary old bridges, laughed a lot, until we cried, and Gise took these nice shots in Albania.

A trip worth the stress of the whole week.

2 Italians, coming from Kosovo to Albania and listening to Alejandro Sanz!

[wpvideo LWbNTVJL class=”data-temp-aztec-video”]

After this video we have started singing like crazy 🤪

Arrived in Tirana – who knows how – looking for a hotel, we changed our mind while driving in a large round about and decided to continue until Durres.

Got lost in the industrial zone and avoided several dangerous holes in the ground… and there we go! 😉

I have also perfectly parked the car!!! 🤣

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  1. Fabulous pictures!
    Yeah… pay attention to the holes while driving. Have a nice weekend my lovely mother!

    1. You are completely crazy, figlia mia😂❤️non mi aspettavo un tuo commento😅 poi devi spiegarmi come hai fatto perché Gisella non ci riesce ed io nemmeno perché sono loggata col mio account e non so come si faccia a leggere e commentare senza😳

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