Pristina – Ethno Kuca

And here we go, another superb restaurant from this little country, in the middle of Balkans! My chronicles from Pristina often regards food because despite what one can think I am finding a wide choice of excellent food! In my humble opinion, Ethno Kuca has been the best restaurant so far, in every possible sense. I warn you, here people smoke everywhere. If you hate smoke, just like me, you will suffer for sure but there are also nice restaurants where it is forbidden. Ethno Kuca lays only 7 km away from Pristina. I will definitely recommend it to you. The ambiance I side is really cosy. My pictures stop at the appetizers because it was all so good that the main courses went directly into our stomachs😅

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  1. Salut Flavia
    Très belles photos on dirait que le temps s’est arrêté… et que l on est il y a 30 ans en arrière… mais d un autre côté il y a cette impression de calme tu vois pas le côté stressant que l on a ici les gens qui courent dans tous les sens…
    pour la nourriture ça a l air copieux ..

    1. Ma Muriellina oui et franchement j’ai adoré. En plus ça a été une soirée très amusante avec les autres chefs de service et le directeur. J*’ai un très bon souvenir de ce restaurant et j’ ai hâte d’y retourner. Demain par contre je pars à l’aventure dans l’un de pays voisins, je n’ai même pas décidé lequel 😂💪

  2. It’s so interesting to discover Kosovo together with you since I’ve never been, not matter how Slovenia and Kosovo used to be in the same country – Yugoslavia.

    I have a question about the technical side of your photos. In this post, the first and the third photo are much grainier than all the others who are great. It happened before. Can you see it? I wonder why that is. I’m telling you only if you are not aware of it.

    I’m enjoying your posts very much and thank you for bringing us this part of the world.

    1. Hi, my dear, yes I can see it and I think it depends on the light and / or the zoom. I have noticed it before and I think it depends on these factors. I use an Asus phone to take pictures but someday I will buy a proper camera! 😂 💪😜

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