First week in Pristina

So, here we go, my first week in Kosovo has gone and this post is meant to reply to some of your questions.

Do not expect war. They had it and it was cruel as all wars can be but now it is over.

It is not a rich country but the advantage for people coming from more fortunate countries is that life is very cheap and you can have a good meal with € 3 or € 5!

Yes, it is a Muslim country (at least 80% of the population) but to tell you the truth I feel safe here.

I am aware about all the rumors about Isis and people coming from here, willing to join them.

I really do not know what to say, I am not saying that it is not true but I don’t know them. I am here to work and I am not a journalist.

There are catholics as well and I do not feel safer because of them.

Insane people are everywhere and I do not want to generalize.

You can find strange things but exactly as in the rest of the world.

To make it short, so far I am enjoying this experience

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