Moving to Kosovo

It was not scheduled, but after such an awful period I just needed a new challenge, move on and engage myself in an ambitious project, completely overwhelming.

Flying above Kosovo

Flying above Kosovo

I feel excited, full of energy and ideas.

Nearby Pristina airport

Nearby Pristina airport

I have received an excellent job offer from a 5 stars hotel in Pristina (the capital of Kosovo).

It is the youngest European country and I am longing to start!

I am living today so just tell me good luck ☺️

For those who are worried, I am adding some pictures of my last visit (one week ago) and a map.

It is a country that has suffered a lot but it also has a lot to give 😊

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    1. Hi Mike, thank you for your message. I hope you will enjoy it. We are preparing some nice guided tours at the hotel where I am working. You don’t need to be a client, so in case it is of any interest just drop me a line. It is a strange country, with so much to offer but also some contradictions, as all of us, I suppose😊

    1. Hi Maggie and Richard, sorry for my late reply but I have been very busy since I moved here. I have posted something from Kosovo and surrounding areas but more pictures will come… Stay tuned! 💪😉

      1. Absolutely. I love it. In 2007, I sold my house, packed up and moved to the south of France not knowing anyone. I never looked back and no regrets. Enjoy the journey.

          1. I do understand. I’ve been here twelve years and I always loved to travel. If you haven’t been to Vietnam, I highly recommend it. 🙂

          2. France feels like the home I have always searched for. While I’ve always been a travel junkie, I would be happy if I never left here. My village is everything I could have hoped for. I’ve made trips to Holland and Belgium and Spain ( less than an hour from me) is a perfect day trip. There is much here to explore yet. I may still travel elsewhere but this will remain my home and I am in no hurry to go anywhere. I do understand and wish you all the best. Léa

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