The job of my dreams

Only a few among you know that I have been through a very difficult period that involved several spheres of my life.

Then I made a job interview and I started considering a radical change.

When you feel excited for an interview it is definitely a good sign, imho!

Job seeking is exactly like all the other aspects of life, sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes you don’t.

Lately I have been offered to work in inexistent Islands, for imaginary properties, invisible offices, ridiculous salaries or unbearable conditions.

There is a circus out there but what really matters is that I have never given up.

I am unable to resign and get accostumed to a life of mere and useless sacrifice.

I have been required to do some, and I have made more than one but I have never perceived them as a constriction… as long as I did the job of my dreams.

I have been happy to get up early or going to bed late… most of the time I did both on the same day!

I have struggled with phones ringing all the time, aggressive and rude people but still I was happy!

I have never had the impression to get bored or losing my time.

Yes, I might have had repetitive tasks but in a certain way I have enjoyed them as well!

This is what makes the difference between a job and a passion.

I wish you could find the same inspirational source and will keep it for a long long time!

To me, Hotels have made the difference and I have found my self at ease more than anywhere else.

I don’t have the same feeling when I am in my apartment!

When you fusion with a place at the point you are proud of it I think you can definitely call it home!

I still do not have pictures of my next hotel but I wanted at least one for this post.

This pic is from my last one in Nice.

That day I was working at our web site but I had to interrupt because I had 3 site inspections in a row.

When I came back to the office I have found this bunch of flowers, gently offered by the travel agents of my first site!

Moral of the story, when you feel good, you do not need to do anything special, people notice that and act accordingly!

Tomorrow I will tell you where I am heading to!

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    1. I usually do not have so much time to post when I am on a journey because I prefer to enjoy the place and see as much as I can.
      I use to schedule all the posts that you see, sometimes I interrupt the programming when I have communications or other pictures that I want to share. But most of the pictures are recent because unfortunately I have lost most of them with the crash down of my pc🤦‍♀️😱

          1. Most things that you have previously posted online will show up on google images and you can recover them from there. If they were only on your computer and never posted online, then that of course is a different story.

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