Paihia – Meet up with the dolphins

Here you have the pictures of a tour that I was longing to do since a long time.

Just to be clear, I hate dolphinariums, zoos and any sort of torture dictated by the selfish and pervert human mind.

If you really love animals you should admire them in their habitat, respect them and most of all let them free.

If for any reason you don’t have the time, means or will to make a trip, then stay home and watch a documentary!

There would be so much to say on this subject but sorry if I prefer contemplating my shots and remembering how I felt at the time I took them!

In this last picture I assume it was a mother with her son. It has been amazing seeing them swimming away like waves, going up and down at exactly the same rhythm.

Mother Nature always makes unforgettable surprises 😍

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      1. You’ re very welcome. When i saw your wonderful pictures i couldn’t resist, and i wanted to write a “Thank you” note or comment. Additionally, when i saw your post, some memories came to visit me, and i re+member ed same special experiences of mine during the past. Have a wonderful day.

  1. Wonderful. I agree 100%. I saw them swim when I was in Florida. They loved keeping up with the boat and we all had a great time. FREE is what they should be. Always.

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