Uncommon views of Rome (Part 2)

We are all accostumed to think of the most known monuments and churches of Rome but very few among us know the most secret (but still charming) corner of the Eternal City.

This is an invitation to get out of the beaten track and get lost in the almost uncountable beauties of this peculiar city that has so much to offer to tourists.

I always remain horrified when people tell me they come to Rome just for a week-end!

No, most of the time it is not a budget problem, it is a choice because most of them think it could be enough!

Of course it is enough if you want to visit only Colosseum and Saint Peter but there is so much to see.

There are still dozens of major monuments and interesting sites and besides the famous ones there is a peloton of interesting and lively sites, most of the times underrated that are definitely worth a visit.

I was born and raised in Rome and I never get enough of it!

I get bored of people but never of this city.

I would say that even 15 days wouldn’t be enough because this place is an incredible mix of architectonical styles, history and landscapes.

To prevent any misunderstanding, no, I don’t like living in Rome, it’s infernal but I love playing the tourist part!

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23 thoughts on “Uncommon views of Rome (Part 2)

  1. Well, some of us come to Rome for a weekend or a city break because that’s the only way we can. We would love to stay weeks, imagine! Anyhow, it’s good to know the great city is there, waiting for us to discover its wonders! <3

  2. Hi,Flavia. Thanks for sharing images of Rome’s hidden corners. Great photographs. Rome is such a beautiful city. Have a wonderful day. Goff

  3. Beautiful photographs. How wonderful to be born and raised in such an amazing city that is so full of history.

  4. Oh, this is true. People are so wrong if they think Rome is only what they can see in a day or two. I’d love to see more of your secrets. I’ll be around and wait! 🙂 For me the view from Monte Mario is lovely too.

        1. It is one of my favorite places in Rome. I have so many memories there and I enjoy recognizing all the monuments that one can sees from the terrace

  5. I have never been to Rome yet. I have seen lots of the history of it but not these incredible monuments and buildings. One day Rome is on my To List !!

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