Barcelona during Sant Jordi’s day

Saint George is celebrated in Cataluña every 23rd of April.

It is also the day when the writer Cervantes died.

We could say that it is a right mix between Saint Valentine’s Day and the Book’s Day.

As per the Catalan tradition women give books to men (no matter of their relationship) and men buys flowers for women.

Friends, daughters, sons, etc are involved in this habit of exchanging gifts and I think I fell in love with this feast because it is not a matter of religion or roles.

Barcelona was crowded of people, flowers, dragons and books markets in every corner… How mesmerizing! 😍

Saint George killing the dragon

Saint George killing the dragon

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  1. Interesting! Saint George is also revered in England, with festivities commemorating his victory over the dragon occurring alongside the merrymaking in Spain.

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