Rome – Windows of Ostia Lido

Ostia is the biggest district of Rome and it lays 30km far from the city center.

The word “Lido” stays for beach and more significantly for the awful constructions built for tourist all along the sea side with cabins, bar, etc.

In most of the cases they have been built directly on the sand!

So these constructions obstruct the view of the sea from the street.

I have nothing against hospitality but I just cannot justify edil abuses.

But in this post I want to focus on the positive aspects of this district.

And architecture is definitely one of these!

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    1. Grazie bella mia. A Roma. Seguirá il 24 un post sulla mia pasquetta sbudronica. Abbiamo. Mangiati da far schifo ma sono molto soddisfatta! Tu dove stai e che hai fatto?

  1. I am second generation Italian. Grandparents settled in Staten Island, New York before World War I. Father’s side Romans, Mother’s side Sicilians. My father’s father , Carlo for whom I am named, was a jockey. Men on mother’s side were farmers and tailors. I was first in second generation to go to college. Became a history teacher. Mother’s side part of the first Italian Presbyterian church in America established 1925. I will be 70 in June.

    1. Sorry for my late reply, Carl. It looks like a very interesting family. Happy birthday for your 70th birthday 🎂 I wish you lots of fun and good health

  2. You’ve been good at discovering the corners and architectures of a town known only for its proximity to Rome and for being in the sea (now also due to the well-known vicissitudes of the Casamonica criminals). You gave this town a new and lovable face.

    Sei stata brava a scoprire angoli e architetture di una cittadina conosciuta solo per la sua vicinanza a Roma e per il fatto di essere in rva al mare (oggi anche per le note vicende dei criminali Casamonica). Hai dato a questa cittadina un volto nuovo e amabile.

    1. Grazie Marcello. Io credo che la bellezza, come tante altre cose, siano negli occhi di chi guarda. Fermo restando che esistono luoghi indubbiamente brutti e degradati, ma io preferisco soffermarmi sugli aspetti positivi😊

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