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  1. Lovely photos Flavia – I’ll definitely do a river boat tour in Brisbane when I’m there later in the year. Thanks for the tip.

    1. You’re very welcome, my dear! It is not our beloved Melbourne but it is not even that bad! 😊 It was a changing day but I hope you’ll have better weather conditions 💪 and more imporranr thing, post as many pictures you can, please! I love that country and I can never get enough of it🤩

  2. The city cats are a great way to spend a day looking at my home city from another angle. Most of these bridges have been built in recent times. How long did you spend here, Flavia?

    1. I have spent there 5 days, it was at the end of my trip, I was considering a tour in the surrounding area but the city was so amazing that I kept on postponing the tour until I decided not to do it at all. I am attracted by modern things and I enjoyed a lot the city cat ride. I discovered something new every day and I left with the feeling there was still so much to do and see. To make it short, I have just loved your city😍

      1. I am surprized a bit. I have often found it dull and boring, but that is changing. Even so, I find there seems more to do in Melbourne than good old Brisbane. Perhaps I should see it through a visitor’s eyes?

        1. Well, through a visitor’s eyes everything is new, in every sense possible but also consider that I have rushed here and there because I wanted to see as much as possible about Australia. For once I took the time of enjoying a city without taking care of the clock! And on top of that it was a city I could easily imagine to live in! It has been relaxing to visit it ☺️

          1. Yes, maybe this is the only thing that I have not tested! I have enjoyed strolling around most of the time. I often wonder how it would be to live in the new cities that I visit and a very few meet all of my criteria. The next time I will try the public transport as well ☺️ 💪

          2. Didn’t you try the city cat? That is part of the public transport network. And they have a trial that just started to allow dogs on the city cats during off peak hours.

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